Upcoming Retreats

Here and Now – Daniela Manzur

March 15th-21st, 2019 | Paamul Beach


During our week together at Copal Retreat, We will work on the classic sequences with some modifications. This work will challenge you: focusing on your roots, creating conscience in the ‘here and now’ by letting go of the mind and connecting with your internal knowledge. This will will lead you to a continuous physical body connection and a new perspective as spectator of your own story.

About Dani:
Certified in all styles I have been very fortunate to receive teachings from various masters that have traced my lifestyle and teachings forever.

Mythos – A Yoga and Writing Retreat Awaken Mythic Consciousness and Personal Transformation – Leslie St John

March 23rd-29th, 2019 | Paamul Beach


March 23rd-29th, 2019

Join Leslie St. John of Prose and Poses for a week of yoga, journaling, contemplation, ceremony, and connection. Each day we will explore different mythological stories from the Yoga Tradition as a way to enliven the qualities of these archetypes within ourselves. We will draw upon Ganesha’s creative problem solving, Hanuman’s devotion, Quan Yin’s compassion, Shiva’s powers of transformation, and more. As you learn these iconic Characters’ stories, you will begin to unravel your own, deepening your understanding of how you are and who you are, while also discerning ways to rewrite your own mythos to be more truthful and empowering. Each morning and evening session will include mythic yoga storytelling, yoga practices (asana, Qoya, pranayama, mudra, mantra, meditation), and journaling. This Yoga and Writing retreat will nourish your creativity and personal growth, while challenging your long-held assumptions about your own story in a playful, supportive environment.

As a way to bring the sacred into our daily lives, we will also experience unique intentional practices that go beyond the yoga mat: Walking Meditation, Cenote Diving, Despacho Gratitude, and an authentic Mayan Cacao Ceremony.

With deep study in yoga asana and mythology, Qoya and modern dance, literature and writing, I am blessed to share with you what my teachers have shared with me.

Leslie St John, creator of Prose and Poses, is a self-expression muse, helping people get “unstuck.” Using the modalities of yoga, Qoya, and writing, she helps people unshackle creativity, feel their bodies as allies, and cultivate more self-intimacy. She earned her MFA from Purdue University and is a certified 500hr RYT, studying with Tias Little and Noah Mazé. Her movement classes can be best described as “sweaty spiritual.” Her writing is published in Elephant Journal, Teach.Yoga, Yoga Revolutionaries, Apersus Quartery, Oxford American, Rebelle Society, and Verse Daily. When she’s not teaching English at Cal Poly or one of her many yoga classes, workshops, and retreats, you’ll find her writing at a café, hunting vintage shops, or hiking with her dog. Learn more: http://www.proseandposes.com IG: @proseandposes FB: https://www.facebook.com/leslieyogaandwriting/

Let Go and Flow – Shawn Flaman and Lisa Anderson

March 31-April 6, 2019 | Paamul Beach


March 31-April 6, 2019

Imagine letting go of expectations and commitments for six glorious days to focus on you – to nourish your mind, body and soul. Experience yoga, explore essential oils and discover how you want to feel. Join us on a nurturing journey where you can let go in your yoga practice, soak up the sun and get clear on what you want in life.

Alongside your yoga practice, we will take you through the Desire Map™ experience so you can walk away with your Core Desired Feelings™, helping you get clear on what you want in life and a plan to make it happen.

You can also enjoy all the wonderful amenities of Copal Retreat – gourmet home cooked meals, hammocks, bikes, paddle boards, snorkelling, massage by the ocean and opportunities to experience the local culture.

Shawn Flaman

Shawn wants to nurture you, challenge you, and show you that yoga is for you! She believes that yoga is for everyone – physically and emotionally – and she is determined to help you find your yoga.

Shawn has completed her 500 hr training through YogaFit, 60 hr Yin Training through Omniji, 100 hr Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training through YogaFit and Thai Yoga. Massage through Navina. She is the owner of Your Yoga – a yoga studio in Winnipeg that focuses on having students experience your yoga – your way.

Her love of learning spills over into all aspects of her life and she is committed to life long learning about yoga and all things positive!

Lisa Anderson

Lisa helps you identify and act on your potential so you can live a life of nourishment, clarity and passion. When you know how you want to feel and set goals around your feelings, everyone around you benefits from a clearer, calmer, connected you.

For over 20 years she has coached hundreds of people. She is a Certified Health Coach, HR practitioner and a Desire Map and Fire Starter Facilitator. She is the owner of Lisa Anderson Solutions and provides career and wellness coaching and HR consulting services.

Lisa practices self-care through yoga, and when the weather is nice gets outside to golf, bike and garden (and when it is raining she loves curling up with a good book).

She cares deeply about how overwhelmed people are today and knows how critical it is to shift to a life that has room for self-care, nourishment and balance, each and every day.

Destress & Reboot Yoga and Energy Healing Retreat with Linda Bjork & Dani Manzur

April 8th-14th 2019


Destress & Reboot Retreat

Destress & Reboot Retreat is designed for people who have pushed themselves towards exhaustion, and people who need to restore their lives, after receiving health treatments.

The retreat helps you to unwind and restore your energy level. It will give you a refreshed start with a clearer mind. You will be more focused and better equipped to make necessary changes in order to prevent yourself from falling into the same pit again. You will be given the tools to manage your personal and professional obligations, without exhausting yourself.

Free Range – Rachel Abrahams and Leslie Scott

June 7th-11th, 2019 | Tulum


June 7th-11th, 2019

Free to flow. Free to grow.

Join yoga teacher, Rachel Abrahams, and Creativity Consultant, Leslie Scott for a 5 day reset retreat in beautiful beachy Tulum. Whether you are brainstorming for big new project or just refining future steps for your daily habits, this all inclusive retreat offers a chance to slow down and move forward. With twice daily yoga classes on a beach-side balcony and creativity and goal setting workshops throughout the stay you’ll leave recharged and ready for your next steps. This retreat is perfect for artists and entrepreneurs alike, using daily movement practice to unlock your creative potential.

Contact with questions: Rachel at rlayoga@outlook.com

More information at rlayoga.com/upcoming/freerangetulum

Yoga Retreat + Travel Photography Workshop

PUGLIA, ITALY | JULY 14 -20, 2019


About the Trip

Travel to the stunning Mediterranean coastline of Puglia, Italy for a yoga retreat and creative photography workshop with professional photographer Monique Pantel and yoga instructor Daniela Manzur and your trip host Janet Willis.

This Workshop Includes:

  • Daily yoga class amongst the olive trees with Dani Manzur
  • Storytelling + Travel Photography workshop with Monique Pantel
  • 6 nights
  • 5 dinners
  • 5 lunches
  • 7 breakfasts
  • Hands-on Italian Cooking Class at a farm in Ostuni, tasting Apulian products, oil, orecchiette, mozzarella and oil soaps
  • Beach yoga practice at Monopoli Beach
  • Visit old town Locorotondo and Cisternine
  • Photography workshops with Monique Pantel

This Copal Retreat is limited to 12 people.

*Rooms are typically shared with one other guest. Please note beds in Italy may be located close to one another.

Airfare to Italy is not included.

For more info

Couple Retreat with Linda Bjork & Dani Manzur in the Mayan Riviera

April 15 – 21th, 2019


Couple Retreat

Couple Retreat is offered both for new couples, as preventative and informative, and for married couples as problem solving.

Married couple retreat is designed for couples that need to improve their relationship. We analyze the problem and work towards solution. The root of the problem is rarely where it appears on the surface, and is often easily resolved. Successful relationships are managed and nurtured. They are led by unconditioned support and love, and effortless encouragement and attention.

Couple Retreat for new couples is a coaching in preventing you from falling into common loop holes, leading to unforeseen unhappiness or divorce. There are ways to maintain the sparkle. Don’t let the practical aspect of your life lead your personal love relationship.

Executive coaching retreat with Linda Bjork & Dani Manzur in the Mayan Riviera

April 23 – 28th, 2019


Executive coaching Retreat

Executive coaching is designed for executives, managers and directors. It is also offered as an ‘occupation coaching’, for companies, institutions and organizations, where the focus is on improving a specific type of profession.

Executive coaching provides you with the resources to execute your job with less effort, and more efficiency and reliability. You will become a mindful leader, manage your staff more easily, making decisions out of security, improve your professionalism, incorporate objectivity to your leadership skills, learning effective way in solving problems, keeping focus under pressure, and practice good communication.

Escape Expectations and Find Joy in What Is – Tracy Allen

November 10th -17th 2019


Expectations. We all have them, expectations of ourselves, others, the world around us, and how we expect things to be. Come spend a week releasing all of these expectations and responsibilities and find joy in what is. Use the strength, mobility, and flexibility of the body in your firey morning flow to find that same strength, mobility and flexibility off the mat. Use the grounding energy of your cooling evening yin/restorative practice to stay grounded in life when it doesn’t go as planned.

Tracy Allen’s down-to-earth style of teaching is infused with humor and a light-hearted approach for all levels, ages, and abilities.

Tracy is a Philadelphia vinyasa/hatha and yin yoga teacher who believes in facilitating a well-rounded, functional practice grounded in mobility, flexibility, and strength in order to translate those qualities off the mat. And a little fun never hurts!

You’ll feel totally at home. Janet and her staff make all guests feel like you are spending time with great friends at their beautiful, expansive abode. Come alone and make great new friends or bring your whole gang!

All classes are held on the rooftop overlooking the blue ocean waters. Enjoy delicious, authentic meals; complimentary beach massage; newly renovated accommodations; daily included activities and excursions; beach and pool; or opt out when you need to just be.