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Andrew Vargas Figueras was born and grew up in Mexico City. After studying Graphic Design abroad, she came back home and got into a Yoga class. After finding Yoga, everything changed. She practiced for two years and in 2010 started her first teacher training and a life changing adventure towards becoming a yoga teacher. After that, her focus has set on teaching and studying yoga with some amazing teachers, as well as getting to know different lineages; kundalini yoga, vinyasa, dharma, rocket and Ashtanga. 

Singing and connecting with the repetition of mantras came naturally through years of practice, and learning to play the harmonium changed her Bhakti Yoga practice. This is how she started sharing Kirtan on this path of devotion. 

To serve and share the teachings with compassion and from the heart is what inspires Andrew every day. She is grateful to being part of this awakening of consciousness, to connect in one breath, in an asana, and singing a mantra.

My path

I started my practice in 2008 with my teacher Lorena Lobato in Mexico City, in 2010 I did my first Kundalini Yoga certification in Cuernavaca Morelos and started traveling every year to the 3HO Summer Solstice.

In 2012 I certified as a conscious pregnancy yoga teacher with Taran Taran K. Khalsa's Conscious Pregnancy program with the Ardas Kaur team and this same year I certified for children's yoga with Gurudas Kaur Khalsa.

I continued my studies doing a module of the second Level of Kundalini Yoga in 2013 in Rishikesh India with Gurumukh Kaur where I also had the fortune of meeting and participating in Satsangs with Mooji.

In the quest to continue sharing these teachings, I arrived at O2 yoga where I certified myself with 500 hrs between 2015 and 2017.

I had the opportunity to travel to Hawaii and meet Ram Dass and other wonderful teachers including Krishna Das, Tsultrim Allione, Bob Thurman, Sharon Salzberg, Joan Halifax with whom, thanks to their teachings, I managed to go even deeper into my Sadhana and daily practice. .

Continuing to share these teachings is what inspires me to continue studying.

In 2019 I did Sadhaka Training Dharma yoga and in 2020 300 hours of it.

In 2022 I continued my studies in yoga philosophy with Yogendra with whom I currently continue studying.

In 2022 my Rocket yoga training began with Mariana Cisneros, with whom I am currently still studying.

Trainings and Teachings 

2011 Level I Kundalini Yoga Certification by KRI. Master Pritam Pal. Cuernavaca, Morelos

2012 Conscious pregnancy. Specialty training. Certification by KRI. Sukhmaani Yoga Studio.

Child play yoga. Master Gurudass Kaur Khalsa. Sukhmaani Yoga Studio.

2013 Level 2 Kundalini Yoga: Authentic Relationships. Certification by KRI. Teacher Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa. Rishikesh, India.

2014 Level 2 Kundalini Yoga: Mind and Meditation. Certification by KRI. Master Pritam Pal. Cuernavaca, Morelos

2015 O2 Vinyasa Flow 200 hrs

2017 O2 Teacher Training 300 hrs

2019 Sadhaka Training 200 hrs. dharma yoga

2020 Sadhaka Training 300 hrs. dharma yoga

2021 Study Program with Jagadambika (Alisa Tross), Swami Kashi Muktananda, Isvari (Mary Ann) Johnson

2023 50 hours of Rocket Yoga with Mariana Cisneros


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