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7 Day Connecting with the Nature of Mind and Body through Yoga and Pranayama
  • 7 Day Connecting with the Nature of Mind and Body through Yoga and Pranayama


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    Renata from Realiveness will teach classes of Himalayan Hatha Yoga, Pranayama breathing and meditation.

    Classes are designed for students at all levels of experience.

    Their focus is on connecting the mind, body and nervous system together.

    We will focus on aligning specific joints, engaging proper muscles, and purifying energy in the chakra system through a deep understanding of anatomy and an authentic yogi transmission from the Southern India.

    Pranayama (breathing) techniques use breathing to influence the flow of prana in the “Nadis” or energy channels of the energetic body.

    Asanas (postures) and Pranayamas reduce physical and mental pain and bring strength and power to mind and body. These practices also aid in reducing anxiety, nervous energy, and fear —improving your decision making and overall mental stability bringing more freedom and happiness into mind.



    I trained intensively in Southern India in the practice of Himalayan Hatha Yoga under the instruction of Yogi Ashokananda. There I also received instruction in traditional Ayurvedic diet, philosophy, and breathing (Pranayama). Through this training and subsequent study, I received my HHY teaching license through Yoga Alliance Professionals.


    I have professional experience providing physical therapy rehabilitation services to patients in both hospital and clinical settings in Chicago and Houston.


    My formal education and training in body mechanics, injury and disease allows me to assess body inefficiencies and recommend preventive and corrective postural treatments. I am a Certified Posture Specialist through the National Posture Institute.


    As a Buddhist practitioner for over 17 years, I provide people with a unique insight into authentic spiritual connection and practices. My experience as both student and practitioner inform me in effectively integrating both modern and timeless health and well-being practices.

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