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7 Day Elemental Retreat: Yogi Divinity Fusioned with Mexican Indigenous Roots
  • 7 Day Elemental Retreat: Yogi Divinity Fusioned with Mexican Indigenous Roots


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    Join us for an amazing beachfront yoga retreat. Wake up by the beach and start your day with sunrise rooftop yoga practice to wake up the mind and body in the best possible way!

    You will end the day with a sunset rooftop yoga practice to wind down.

    Andrew works with the 4 yoga paths focusing on integrative practice that lives on and off the yoga mat.

    -Raja Yoga: All physical forms of movement, asanas and meditation.

    -Jnana Yoga: Path of wisdom, philosophy and studying the holy scriptures.

    -Karma Yoga: The path of service and all that comes from the heart.

    -Bhakti Yoga: The devotional path through ceremonial offerings to the divine.

    Andrew fusions these 4 yogi paths with her Mexican indigenous traditions that include the balance of elements that are intertwined with the directional poles. West and Wind with childhood, South and Water with teen years, East and Fire with adulthood, North and Earth & Ether with the elderly. Each practice Andrew will work with an element and integrate it with the yoga paths for a beautiful cosmic alignment.

    There are additional tours and activities you can opt for, such as a visit to a jungle cenote, the Mayan ruins, Tulum beach club, Playa del Carmen, a beach massage, and a shamanic sound bowl therapy session under the stars.

    There is amazing Mexican contemporary cuisine prepared by Copal Retreat's on-site chefs who use fresh ingredients and can accommodate the menu based on your dietary preferences and restrictions.

    There is plenty of you-time to go hit the beach, bike in the jungle, swim in the pool, paddle board or kayak, read a book on a hammock with the ocean breeze, or go explore the rest of the beautiful Mayan Riviera with their assistance.

    The retreat itinerary is curated by your Local Mexican hosts.

    At Copal, they are passionate about sharing the vibrancy of Mexico’s energy, culture, and landscape with the rest of the world.


    Andrew Vargas Figueras was born and grew up in Mexico City. After studying Graphic Design abroad, she came back home and got into a Yoga class. After finding Yoga, everything changed. She practiced for two years and in 2010 started her first teacher training and a life changing adventure towards becoming a yoga teacher. After that, her focus has set on teaching and studying yoga with some amazing teachers, as well as getting to know different lineages; kundalini yoga, vinyasa, dharma, rocket and Ashtanga.

    Singing and connecting with the repetition of mantras came naturally through years of practice, and learning to play the harmonium changed her Bhakti Yoga practice. This is how she started sharing Kirtan on this path of devotion.

    To serve and share the teachings with compassion and from the heart is what inspires Andrew every day. She is grateful to being part of this awakening of consciousness, to connect in one breath, in an asana, and singing a mantra


    IMPORTANT! After paying your deposit, you will receive an email containing a link to a special form that you need to fill in.


    **A non-refundable $350 deposit is required and payment plans are available!!

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