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Soulful Movement retreat with Ricardo Castro

January 14th – 20th, 2020


Journey into the path of self discovery through yoga based flows of mindful and playful movement that will align your energetic self and your physical body to tune into self love and confidence focused meditation. Reconnect to your very nature and detox from emotional pollution as you allow yourself to be amazed by the beauty of simple things by letting your inner child play.

The quest to balance body and spirit is walked from both ends to be met in the middle: as you meditate into the deeper layers of the mind, the physical body will generate more awareness into healthier, natural and more effective patterns of movement; as the body is properly worked, it makes it easier to calm the mind and effectively connect into the higher aspects of the practice.

Soul Food and Self Care Yoga Retreat a Yoga Retreat with Annabel Kershaw and Rachel Scott.

February 3rd – 9th, 2020
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Soul Food and Self Care Yoga Retreat
Feb 3rd-9th 2020

with Rachel Scott and Annabel Kershaw

Return Engagement!
Rachel and Annabel are back with another spectacular offering of yoga, self care, delectable cuisine, warm sun and gentle ocean. Join them for an unforgettable week to be restored by the wonderland that is Paamul and dive into practice under the guidance of two experienced instructors.

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About your instructors:

Rachel Scott – E-RYT 500, YACEP, MFA, MSci
Rachel is an acclaimed teacher, author, and educator who has led and developed teacher trainings internationally. Her credentials include Director of Teachers’ College for YYoga Vancouver, presenter at Wanderlust, Toronto Yoga Conference, and contributor to periodicals such as the Huffington Post and Yoga International. A creative and innovative teacher, she brings a deep love of alignment and devilish sense of play to her classes. Author: Wit and Wisdom From the Yoga Mat, and Head Over Heels: A Yogi’s Guide To Dating. www.rachelyoga.com.

Annabel Kershaw – E-RYT 500
Annabel came to Yoga with high anxiety and an inability to deal with the stresses and curve balls that came with an unpredictable acting career and the challenges of raising a family at the same time. What began as basic self care became a life of imparting to others the passion and equilibrium that Yoga can bring. Annabel is constantly discovering new and creative ways to enliven and enrich her student’s class experience. Humour, story telling and joy infuse her teaching.

Last year’s retreat sold out so book early!

Replenishment and Renewal 2020 – Yoga in the Caribbean with Kerr

February 18th – 24th, 2020


Start the decade off right! This will be my 5th time hosting a getaway with Copal Retreats, and I couldn’t be more excited! Typically I teach in a yoga studios in Vancouver, which is great, however, after attending class, people often rush back into their busy, stress-filled lives, and a certain essence of the practice is lost. One of the main reasons I enjoy hosting retreats so much, is that you get the chance to step outside of your normal life, and spend a week purely focusing on yourself!! How often do you get the chance to do that?? With 2 daily yoga practices, delicious and healthy food, the MOST beautiful natural environment, and endless possible activities (or none at all), this experience is the perfect chance to do something unforgettable, and deeply holistic for your own wellbeing.

Before teaching yoga, I played soccer all over the world. As a result, I instruct from an athletic foundation, and I like to challenge people to become stronger/ more flexible. I also very-much appreciate yoga as a spiritual practice. It has transformed my body and opened my heart immeasurably, and it makes me so happy to share it with others. Therefore, in addition to the physical poses, I weave mindfulness and meditation into the movement. I will teach a variety of hatha, vinyasa, power flow, yin, meditation, and restorative classes, while incorporating adjustments/ massage for those who are interested. I am well-experienced in helping students of all levels to grow in their practice and explore new, perhaps more subtle landscapes.

Reconnecting to Wholeness a Yoga Retreat with Yinet Gonzales

February 24th – March 1st, 2020


Reconnecting to Wholeness

The higher state of being is where we are at ease and peace within ourselves, and sometimes we need to scape our daily enviroment in order to connect to that space inside that is always whole; never broken, never lacking. Join Yinet for a week of reconnecting with your true self, an opportunity to drop the masks and labels we give ourselves to conform to society; literary a break from life. Every morning we’ll wake up Saluting the Sun, with an all-levels Master Yoga Class that includes Kiyas, Pranayama and Mantras to cleanse, balance and energize your body, followed by a few minutes of Svadhyaya (self-study) where we’ll reflect and journal on specific questions designed to help you dive deep into your soul’s journey and from there create a map to your ideal future. During the days there’ll be a variety of optional activities mixed with lots of sweet down time. In the evenings we’ll have a second Yoga class focused on healing and psychosomatic balance. These will vary from more gentle asana practices based on mindfulness to pure Yin Yoga, ending with a Yoga Nidra session designed for the Anandamaya Kosha (Bliss Sheath) to tap into that ever-present inner joy inherent to the human being.

You can also expect some Salsa dancing with Yinet! With her fun Salsa lessons you’ll be able to embody the music and let the steps follow.

About Yinet

Born and raised in Cuba, Yinet first got introduced to Metaphysics, meditation and subtle body energy in her early 20’s through her Reiki teacher and started practicing healing arts on friends and family. Moving to British Columbia in 2010, Osoyoos became her home. Meditation was her main practice, and life eventually brought her into Vipassana Meditation, a Buddhism-based practice that totally changed her life and gave her a purpose. Having attended 4 Vipassana courses, with almost a decade of practice and varied meditation training, she’s learnt simple yet effective techniques to guide people into their bodies for an interoceptive experience. Yinet is a 500RYT with the Yoga Alliance, graduated from the South Okanagan Yoga Academy. With training in a variety of styles ( including Kid’s Yoga, Restorative and Yin Yoga, Mindfulness meditation, Yoga Nidra, SUP Yoga and Nada Yoga) and studies in more therapeutic uses of yoga (such as yoga for Chronic pain, and Trauma Sensitive Yoga) Yinet loves delivering classes that are not only unconventional, fun and safe for the body; but that also ignite self-awareness and self-growth. She is passionate about functional movement and psychosomatic energies. Her life purpose and her mission is to help people connect with that teacher within them; by making yoga and meditation accessible to anyone, through techniques that are easy to take and apply beyond the mat.

She is currently the owner of Mindful Studio+ in beautiful Osoyoos in British Columbia, Canada.

7 Day Re-Union with Oneself with Daniela Manzur

March 8th – 14th 2020


I have been very fortunate to receive teachings from various masters that have traced my lifestyle forever.

During our week together at Copal Retreat, We will work on the classic sequences with some modifications. This work will challenge you: focusing on your roots, creating conscience in the ‘here and now’ by letting go of the mind and connecting with your internal knowledge. This will will lead you to a continuous physical body connection and a new perspective as spectator of your own story.

9 Days Dance- Rhythmic Flow and Yoga Retreat during the EQUINOX with Eliana Dell’Anna

March 18th – 26th, 2020


9 Days of Dance Rhythmic-Flow and Mindfulness – Eliana Dell’Anna

March 18th – 26th 2020

Eliana Dell’Anna was born and raised in Italy.

She started her career as a dancer – studied and graduated in New York at The AlvinAiley American dance school. After an injury she experienced while dancing in New York she got to know yoga and actually deeply fall in love! She did her YTT training and kept her growing relationship with yoga. She then moved to Tenerife and started teaching yoga realizing how good it made her feel to share the love through yoga! Thanks to all her experiences, and workshop with many other masters, and through her compliments and feedback from her students, Eliana has created her style, which she called MDF Mindful Dance Flow. She enjoys mixing and matching her knowledge based on her feelings and the energies she receives from the students. She studied Hatha and Vinyasa but her knowledge of Pilates, classical and modern dance often fall into some sequences in her teachings. Her mission with “Ready to Yoga,” and her online yoga community is to share her love for yoga, bringing it to as many people as possible and make this beautiful practice more accessible to everyone. Through yoga we are kinder, more balanced and united!

Eliana is currently teaching at YogaUnion in Torino and other places around Italy and with her “Ready to Yoga Academy” online.


“The mind is everything. What you think you become “- Buddha

How many times do we tell our self we can’t? Take this opportunity to find your true self, get out of your work routine and out of your comfort zone. Join Eliana in this unique journey that will prove the power of our mind, learning the keys to flexibility, balance and freedom of spirit. Work on your body and life goals on the mat and then bring that strength into your daily living. We will be starting the day with a creative Mindful dance flow, living adventure or relaxation during your leisure time. Enjoying healthy and gourmet food and greeting the sun with some Let Go Dance sunset party or restorative practice. Calm your Mind, rejuvenate your body and free your soul through this amazing experience. Nine days of pure joy within the mindfulness of yoga and making Dance the voice of your soul. This retreat aims to bring gratitude, awareness and compassion into everyday life. Gaining awareness means being able to better understand the nature of the problems. that occur to us and to want to restore balance where it is lacking. All this will involve making changes. It is not easy to change. However, it is precisely in this infinite journey, of which we often do not know the destination, which lies the secret of our evolution .. and the teachings of yoga are an extraordinary companion with whom to undertake this journey.